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Thousand Years Of Darkness

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  • 271113
    On the ninth day of the Month of the Ox, nine warriors marched into the Imperial Palace. At their head was the Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Yokuni, who had revealed himself as the original founding Kami of the Dragon Clan. The Hooded Ronin, descendent of Shinsei, stood by the mortals as they prepared to face their destiny. As the Seven Thunders entered the Emperor’s courtroom, Hantei 39th—possessed by Fu Leng—impatiently waited for them, for the final battle that would confirm him as the eternal ruler of Rokugan.

    Togashi began the fight, changing his form into that of a Celestial dragon...

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  • 271113
    Even before the battle had ended, Fu Leng appeared in front of the combined Rokugani armies. He announced the Thunders had failed. Exuding divine power and perfect confidence, he declared himself the true and eternal Emperor of Rokugan, and commanded that those who had served his brother Hantei must now serve him or be destroyed.

    The first to respond was Ikoma Ujiaki, general of the Imperial Legions. Before the battle, he had been the foremost among those Lion who insisted that the clan must continue to serve the Throne even if the Emperor was possessed by Fu Leng. Now he immediately...

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  • 271113
    The rulers of Tengoku did not wish to abandon the mortal realm, but they realized there was nothing they could do without risking corruption of Tengoku itself. Ningen-do was lost to Jigoku’s influence. The Celestial Dragon severed all ties between the mortal realm and the Celestial domain, hoping one day the turning of fate would allow a chance to repair the connection. However, the Thunder Dragon—the patron of heroes, and the one dragon who loved humanity above all others—chose to stay in Ningendo, giving up its own immortality in order to be able to inspire those few heroes who might yet be able...

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  • 271113
    Toturi tried everything to reverse the terrible course of events. He even sent Hida Yakamo to try to make an alliance with the Lying Darkness, for while the shadowy Goju were foul monsters in their own right, Toturi viewed them as the lesser of two evils. With the power of the Lying Darkness on his side he could become a real threat to Fu Leng’s Empire. Unfortunately, Goju Hitomi had no intentions of working with the rest of Rokugan; she killed Yakamo and was struck down in return, leaving her clan wholly under the control of the Lying Darkness.

    With the death of yet another Thunder,...

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  • 271113
    Daidoji Uji sends word to Toturi that the combined might of Fu Leng will soon descend on the Islands of Spice and Silk. Toturi immediately makes plans to retreat, but he is unprepared for the sheer strength of the Dark Emperor’s assault. The Maw, Hoturi the Heartless, Ikoma Ujiaki, the Obsidian Legions, the Dark Council of Five, and hundreds of ashura descend on the city, easily overcoming the Great Sea Spider’s resistance.

    The Dark Council of Five overwhelms Isawa Kaede, but she has already passed on the mantle of the Oracle of Thunder to her eldest son Sezaru. The Dark Council captures...

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  • 271113
    Daidoji Uji travels to the Shining Jewel of the Desert to find the Unicorn. He finds a city overrun by demons: the Immortal Caliph has let the Tsuno loose in the city, killing dissidents and every Unicorn she can find. Uji meets Moto Chagatai and conveys Kaneka’s offer of an alliance, but Chagatai refuses to leave the city until the Caliph and her unjust reign is ended. Uji decides his only option is to kill the Immortal Caliph.

    Uji and Chagatai assault the Caliph’s palace. She is a khadi of great power, and the fight proves long and difficult. Finally, Uji destroys the jewel that controls...

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