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  • 271113

    •  Fu Leng uses his mastery of dark magic to resurrect the ravaged body of Doji Hoturi. The undead creation is even more dangerous and powerful than he was in life. Fu Leng appoints the abomination as his new Obsidian Champion. He resurrects Otaku Kamoko and Isawa Tsuke as well, perverting them to his allegiance.

    •  Fu Leng turns his crippled brother Togashi into a trophy of his victory over Rokugan. He rips off Togashi’s arms and legs and nails him to a wall deep within the Imperial palace, but refuses to let him die. The Dark Emperor hides his brother...

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  • 271113

    •  The creature called Shokansuru destroys the Maw’s purified skull. Fu Leng immediately summons the Oni Lord to the mortal realm and unleashes it to terrorize the world. The Maw attacks the Crablands, seeking revenge for its previous defeat. The Obsidian Legions destroy every Crab castle and slaughter all remaining Crab samurai who have not gone into hiding. Hida O-Ushi leads the survivors out of the Crab lands. Without the presence of the Kaiu Wall, Shadowlands creatures pour into Rokugan.

    •  Fu Leng decides to keep the Rokugani free of theShadowlands...

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  • 271113

    •  With the Void Dragon retreating from Ningendo, the Thunder Dragon gives its powers to Isawa Kaede, transforming her from the Oracle of Void to the Oracle of Thunder. She immediately uses her power to find Hida Yakamo and Daidoji Uji, bringing them to Toturi’s camp.

    • Romance blooms between Kaede and Toturi.

    • The Dark Emperor’s minions contact the countries outside of Rokugan, initially proposing trade. The foreigners accept with caution, as they have never been approached for official interaction.

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  • 271113

    • Ikoma Ujiaki tracks the vast majority of the Naga to the city of Iyotisha. He attacks the city with the Obsidian Legions, supported by a score of ashura. They rip through the Naga’s defenses and annihilate the city. Only a dozen survivors escape, led by the jakla Shashakar. They join Toturi’s forces.

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  • 271113

    • The Dark Masters finally hunt down the Hooded Ronin in the Akodo lands. Their combined might overcomes Shinsei’s descendent. The ronin Sanzo, the last human to speak to the Hooded Ronin, accepts the mantle of Shinsei.

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  • 271113

    • Fu Leng orders his Dark Council of Five to destroy the Bloodspeaker cult. The Council eagerly complies. Isawa Tsuke, Dark Master of Fire, finds Shahai—the leader of the Bloodspeakers—hidden in former Unicorn lands. He gleefully dismembers Shahai. Her lover Daigotsu arrives shortly after the deed and crushes Tsuke with the full extent of his power. He turns his back on Fu Leng and swears to one day topple the Dark Emperor.

    • Isawa Tsuke heals from his injuries several months after the battle. He returns to Otosan Uchi and reports the traitor’s actions....

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  • 271113

    • The Dark Council gives the Emperor a dire warning:
      Fu Leng will stay immortal as long as the Twelfth Scroll remains sealed, but the physical body of Hantei 39th will eventually perish. He must find another Hantei body to possess to continue his reign. He orders his men to find the traitor Daigotsu, who he knows to be of Hantei blood. In the meantime he decides to sire an heir with his prisoner Hantei Kachiko.

    • Bayushi Aramoro accepts the Taint and becomes the Emperor’s newest bodyguard. He visits Hantei Kachiko and tells her the true reason behind...

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  • 271113

    • Kachiko gives birth to a girl, Hantei Yakusoku. She is born with the Shadowlands Taint, satisfying Fu Leng’s scrutiny. Aramoro sees his new daughter but his own Taint has advanced so much that he cannot find joy in it. He disappears into the wilderness and is soon consumed by the madness of the Taint.

    • Shiba Tsukune finds a hidden cache of scrolls that describes a legendary Phoenix creation from the dawn of the Empire: Isawa’s Last Wish. She travels to the Phoenix lands to find it, hoping it can be a weapon against Fu Leng. She eventually locates...

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  • 271113

    • The Legion of Jigoku destroys the mountain hideouts Toturi has used for the previous six years. There are no more places in mainland Rokugan to conceal an army the size of Toturi’s force; he finally decides to take the risk and marches across the Empire, fleeing to the Islands of Spice and Silk.

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  • 271113

    • Hitomi defeats Goju Adorai and takes the power of the Darkness, re-naming herself as Goju Hitomi. She takes over the Dragon Clan’s consciousness, reducing the entire clan to faceless slaves.

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  • 271113

    • Isawa Kaede discovers Daigotsu protecting a village from the gaze of Fu Leng. Though she is wary of his former allegiances, she brokers an uneasy alliance between the former Dark Master of the Void and Toturi’s Army.

    • One of Toturi’s surviving followers, Toku, discovers the hiding Forest Killer bandit gang, whose ranks include a young boy named Razor Wind. He informs Razor Wind that he is actually Kaneka, illegitimate son of Akodo Toturi. Toku dies to protect the boy from Obsidian Legionnaires.

    • Hida Yakamo travels...

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  • 271113

    • Togashi Mitsu travels to the Dragon lands to find Yakamo’s fate. He encounters a tattooed man named Togashi Shunsen who is still struggling against the power of Nothing. Shunsen gives him the Jade Hand from Yakamo’s corpse and begs him to find a way to free the Dragon Clan.

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  • 271113

    • A shugenja prodigy named Kuni Osaku joins forces with the Shashakar to cleanse the Great Sea Spider of its Shadowlands Taint. Free from the Taint’s corruptive influence, the huge creature patrols the seas between the mainland and the Islands of Spice and Silk. It destroys all ships led by Fu Leng’s forces, protecting Toturi’s forces from invasion.

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  • 271113

    • The Herald of Fu Leng, Otaku Kamoko, discovers the Unicorn Clan’s hiding place in the Burning Sands. She leads an army of Dark Moto into the desert to destroy her former clan, but is overwhelmed by the unexpected strength of her prey; the Unicorn have quietly grown in strength and power while Fu Leng’s eye passed over them. Moto Gaheris’ son, also named Gaheris, strikes her down but succumbs to his own wounds soon after. His young son Moto Chagatai assumes command of the Unicorn.

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  • 271113

    • Daidoji Uji takes young Kaneka under his wing after the battle and decides to teach him all of his skills. The pair travel back to the mainland together and join the many small resistance movements still hidden across the countryside.

    • The youngest son of Toturi and Kaede is brought to the Imperial Palace by the Dark Council. Fu Leng decides to adopt and keep the boy as a reminder of his greatest victory. Years later at his gempukku, Jiro will assume the name Hantei Naseru.

    • Hakumei, Daidoji Uji’s star pupil, appears...

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  • 271113

    • Fu Leng begins plans to conquer the other Spirit Realms. An off-shoot tribe of Tsuno dwelling in Yume-do fight his forces for months before they are defeated. Fu Leng crafts a powerful nemuranai to bind the Tsuno race to his will: a jewel that controls the boundaries of Yume-do.

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  • 271113

    • Akodo Kaneka recovers old texts from the Empire’s ancient past. Based on the documents he assumes the title of Shogun, indicating his desire to escalate his war against the Dark Emperor.

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  • 271113

    • Fu Leng sends an order to the Immortal Caliph of Medinaat-al-Salaam: join the Empire or die. After weighing her options, the Caliph surrenders. Fu Leng sends the Tsuno to assist her as a reward. The Caliph immediately begins hunting down the Unicorn within her realm.

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