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Important Persons And Enemies of The Dark Empire

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    In the canonical history of Rokugan, the reign of Emperor Toturi I is followed by a struggle for power between his four children, each of whom was uniquely gifted and skilled. But in the Thousand Years of Darkness, Fu Leng’s ultimate dream of triumph, the children of Akodo Toturi face a very different fate. The dark god rules over all of Rokugan with an iron fist, yet humanity continues to struggle to change destiny. Rebellions continue long after it seems nothing can triumph over the forces of Jigoku; the Rokugani refuse to give up hope despite decades of oppression. And Toturi’s children continue...

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    The official timeline of the Thousand Years of Darkness extends only to the year 1155, and the future of humanity after that point remains grim. However, there are several groups who still struggle to reverse their dark fortunes, fighting to deny the prophecy of the Day of Thunder and forge their own destiny even amid the triumph of Fu Leng.

    The Samurai of Rokugan

    Some remnants of each Great Clan still exist, fighting against the oppressive power of Fu Leng’s monstrous armies. By 1155 most of the survivors have joined forces under the banner of the...

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