The Foundation of the New Empire

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The Foundation of the New Empire

Even before the battle had ended, Fu Leng appeared in front of the combined Rokugani armies. He announced the Thunders had failed. Exuding divine power and perfect confidence, he declared himself the true and eternal Emperor of Rokugan, and commanded that those who had served his brother Hantei must now serve him or be destroyed.

The first to respond was Ikoma Ujiaki, general of the Imperial Legions. Before the battle, he had been the foremost among those Lion who insisted that the clan must continue to serve the Throne even if the Emperor was possessed by Fu Leng. Now he immediately embraced the divinity of Fu Leng and fell to his knees, swearing allegiance on behalf of the Lion Clan. Half of the Lion Clan army followed suit. When Ikoma Tsunari protested, Ujiaki instantly struck her down as a traitor to the Emperor. Standing at the head of Fu Leng’s armies, he drove the remnants of Rokugan’s pure forces away from the Imperial capital.

With the battle won, Fu Leng turned his attention next to governing the Empire he had claimed at last. Ikoma Ujiaki was rewarded for his heartfelt allegiance by becoming the Rikugunshokan of the new Obsidian Legions. Fu Leng used his foul magic to resurrect the corpses of Doji Hoturi, Otaku Kamoko, and the Lost shugenja Isawa Tsuke. These undead abominations led Shadowlands armies to their former homelands, destroying castles and slaughtering those who would not submit to the Reign of the Dark Emperor. Few survived, and fewer still held any resistance in their hearts. The Unicorn retreated from the chaos, abandoning Rokugan to rejoin their cousins in the Burning Sands.

The citizens of the Empire struggled under the heavy yoke of Fu Leng’s authority and reacted in different ways. Some submitted in public while quietly aiding those who had the courage to fight back. A few were openly rebellious, following the Black Lion as he struggled to fight back. The Obsidian Legions chased Toturi’s Army across the mainland and burned out any safe haven they found. One area remained openly defiant to Fu Leng’s forces. A visible fog rolled over the mountains of the Dragon Clan. Mirumoto Hitomi opened the crystal prison deep within Kyuden Hitomi and released Shosuro into the world. She made a pact with Shosuro and Goju Adorai, pledging the Dragon Clan to serve the Lying Darkness in return for protection
against Fu Leng’s reach. Anything that approached the mountains became consumed by the shadows, and the Lying Darkness grew steadily in power…


Life is not fair. That doesn't mean you cannot win. 

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