Total Reign

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Total Reign

The rulers of Tengoku did not wish to abandon the mortal realm, but they realized there was nothing they could do without risking corruption of Tengoku itself. Ningen-do was lost to Jigoku’s influence. The Celestial Dragon severed all ties between the mortal realm and the Celestial domain, hoping one day the turning of fate would allow a chance to repair the connection. However, the Thunder Dragon—the patron of heroes, and the one dragon who loved humanity above all others—chose to stay in Ningendo, giving up its own immortality in order to be able to inspire those few heroes who might yet be able to reclaim a better future for mortals.

Fu Leng had initially considered exterminating humanity and ruling solely over the forces of the Shadowlands, but the prospect of tormenting humanity forever ultimately held more appeal. He created a large standing army of mixed human and Shadowlands forces to crush rebellion. The god also realized he would retain his divinity until the Twelfth Black Scroll was opened, so he ripped it out of Togashi’s body and hid it within the Empire. Rumors of the Twelfth Black Scroll’s location spread quickly among the survivors, and many brave or foolhardy samurai chased these rumors with forlorn hope, perishing to numerous traps and ambushes set by Fu Leng’s followers.

With his divinity secured, Fu Leng set his followers against any who might oppose him. His new Dark Council of Five made it their highest priority to hunt down Shinsei’s descendent; they eventually killed the Hooded Ronin, but the crafty monk had already passed the mantle of Shinsei’s wisdom to another. The Dark Emperor also sent vicious oni to track the Oracles of Light, who had lost their powers and were hiding from carnage besetting the Empire. Without the protection of Tengoku, each Oracle fell to the ravenous hordes. Only Isawa Kaede survived, for
she had gained the patronage of the Dragon of Thunder in place of the absent Void.

The Bloodspeaker Cult had always been strong (if usually unknowing) allies to Fu Leng’s cause, but now that he was in power the Dark Kami knew he could no longer trust them. He decided to eradicate the organization before it could betray him. His crazed Council of Five was eager to do his bidding and gleefully scourged out every hidden branch of the Cult of the Blood Red Moon. However, in this case Fu Leng’s paranoid countermeasure proved more expensive than he could have anticipated. Iuchi Shahai was one of the Bloodspeakers murdered in the massacre. When Daigotsu, the Dark Master of the Void, heard his secret lover was dead, he swore eternal vengeance against the Dark Emperor. Daigotsu went into hiding, intent on
creating an organization stronger and more powerful than the Bloodspeakers ever were, dedicated to the destruction of Fu Leng.

While Daigotsu’s treachery posed a threat for the future, in the present Fu Leng had exterminated almost all threats to his reign. Only Toturi’s Army remained to oppose the Dark Emperor.


Life is not fair. That doesn't mean you cannot win. 

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