The Last Days of Toturi’s Army

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The Last Days of Toturi’s Army

Toturi tried everything to reverse the terrible course of events. He even sent Hida Yakamo to try to make an alliance with the Lying Darkness, for while the shadowy Goju were foul monsters in their own right, Toturi viewed them as the lesser of two evils. With the power of the Lying Darkness on his side he could become a real threat to Fu Leng’s Empire. Unfortunately, Goju Hitomi had no intentions of working with the rest of Rokugan; she killed Yakamo and was struck down in return, leaving her clan wholly under the control of the Lying Darkness.

With the death of yet another Thunder, Toturi was running out of options and had no choice but to retreat to the Islands of Spice and Silk. For a time that offered refuge, but eventually word came of a massive impending assault on the islands. He devised a plan of retreat to the Ivory Kingdoms, but in his heart he knew the Dark Emperor would never let him leave the islands alive. Instead, he laid plans to evacuate as many of his followers as possible.

Fu Leng’s combined forces descended on the Islands of Spice and Silk, confronting Toturi and his remaining soldiers. Hundreds of ashura descended from the air. The Dark Council of Five struck down Isawa Kaede, capturing her youngest son as a prize for their foul master. Hoturi the Heartless defeated Toturi, only to be ambushed and slain in turn by Daidoji Uji.

When the battle ended, the Islands of Spice and Silk were no more. With one fell swoop, Fu Leng had eradicated the last group of insurgents fighting against his reign. The remnants of the Mantis Clan and Toturi’s son Sezaru fled across the sea to the Ivory Kingdoms, where the dark god could not follow. Still, Fu Leng believed he was safe. While the Dark Emperor finally sat back in ease, the remaining free Rokugani hid and prepared to carry on the struggle.


Life is not fair. That doesn't mean you cannot win. 

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