The Battle of The City of Lightning

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The Battle of The City of Lightning

Daidoji Uji sends word to Toturi that the combined might of Fu Leng will soon descend on the Islands of Spice and Silk. Toturi immediately makes plans to retreat, but he is unprepared for the sheer strength of the Dark Emperor’s assault. The Maw, Hoturi the Heartless, Ikoma Ujiaki, the Obsidian Legions, the Dark Council of Five, and hundreds of ashura descend on the city, easily overcoming the Great Sea Spider’s resistance.

The Dark Council of Five overwhelms Isawa Kaede, but she has already passed on the mantle of the Oracle of Thunder to her eldest son Sezaru. The Dark Council captures her youngest son, Jiro, to present to Fu Leng. Hoturi the Heartless confronts Toturi before he can reach the escape fleet. Hoturi realizes the death of the legendary Toturi will be worth more to Fu Leng’s cause than the slaughter of any number of refugees, so he allows Toturi’s followers to leave in return for a one-on-one duel with the Black Lion. Toturi is skilled as few mortal men can be, but the Shadowlands Taint gives Hoturi the edge against his former friend. Toturi dies, but the Heartless Crane has no time to enjoy his victory. Daidoji Uji ambushes him with a secret weapon given to him by the Kolat: a vial of ashura blood. It explodes in Hoturi’s chest, killing him instantly.

The youth Kaneka appears by Toturi’s side as he lies dying. Toturi is happy to finally see his son before his death and asks him to become the next leader of Rokugan; Kaneka promises his dying father he will never abandon the Rokugani people.

Yoritomo and his fleet flee the islands, carrying the remnants of Toturi’s army and his son Sezaru. They are intercepted by the Dark Master of Water, Kitsu Okura, and the ashura at his command. Sezaru grants Yoritomo power from the Dragon of Thunder to repel the invaders; he slays Okura and many of the ashura, saving the fleet. The battle leaves Yoritomo on the brink of death; his vassal Matsuo takes command and leads the fleet toward the Ivory Kingdoms, hoping to find refuge.


Life is not fair. That doesn't mean you cannot win. 

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