Year 1129

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Year 1129

  •  Fu Leng uses his mastery of dark magic to resurrect the ravaged body of Doji Hoturi. The undead creation is even more dangerous and powerful than he was in life. Fu Leng appoints the abomination as his new Obsidian Champion. He resurrects Otaku Kamoko and Isawa Tsuke as well, perverting them to his allegiance.

  •  Fu Leng turns his crippled brother Togashi into a trophy of his victory over Rokugan. He rips off Togashi’s arms and legs and nails him to a wall deep within the Imperial palace, but refuses to let him die. The Dark Emperor hides his brother behind impenetrable wards that will kill anyone but himself, then visits once a month and gloats over his victory.

  •  The Obsidian Champion, Hoturi the Heartless, marches to the Crane lands and declares they must submit to his will. His brother Doji Kuwanan challenges the undead creature to a duel. Hoturi easily wins and then burns the Crane castles to the ground. Almost the entire Crane Clan is wiped out, but Daidoji Uji manages to escape, swearing vengeance.

  •  Mirumoto Hitomi returns to Kyuden Togashi and renames it Kyuden Hitomi. She ransacks Togashi’s papers and finds evidence of a crystal prison deep within the castle. She opens it and releases Shosuro, the original Scorpion Thunder corrupted by the Lying Darkness. After a night of discussion, Hitomi decides to ally with the Darkness. The power of the Shadow consumes the mountains of the Dragon Clan, hiding all in visible darkness.

  •  Fu Leng appoints his own Dark Council of Five. Yogo Junzo becomes the Dark Master of Air. Kuni Yori assumes the title of Dark Master of Earth. The undead Isawa Tsuke resumes his post of the Dark Master of Fire, and a young Kitsu Okura accepts the Shadowlands Taint to become the Dark Master of Water. A young man named Daigotsu, actually a son of the Hantei line who was stolen by the Bloodspeakers, arrives at Fu Leng’s side and becomes the Dark Master of the Void.

  •  The Dark Council marches on the Phoenix lands and defeats the already badly-depleted Phoenix Clan. They capture Naka Kuro, the Grand Master of the Elements, and drag him before their Dark Emperor. Fu Leng imprisons the former Grand Master’s soul in a shard of Tainted crystal, tormenting Kuro’s soul for eternity.

  •  Akodo Toturi and Hida Yakamo rally the true Rokugani for a battle that might turn the tide. When the Obsidian Legions march toward the north to subjugate the Yobanjin, Toturi seizes the initiative. The remaining forces of the Crab Clan, the Scorpion Clan, the Unicorn Clan, Toturi’s Army, and the Naga march against the undefended Imperial Palace. However, Fu Leng reaches into the heart of Jigoku and summons powerful new creatures to the battlefield: the ashura. These entities are stronger, faster, and deadlier than any oni the Rokugani have ever seen, and the battle is a complete rout. Isawa Kaede gathers the survivors and uses her power to transport the heroes off the battlefield.

  •  Horiuchi Shoan leads the remnants of the Unicorn Clan out of Rokugan. She reunites with the Moto tribes at the city of Medinaat al-Salaam. Once she recognizes the noble souls burning in her long-lost cousins, she abdicates the leadership of her clan to the Moto leader, Moto Gaheris.

  •  The Water Dragon returns to the mortal realm and appears in a remote peasant village in the Scorpion lands. The Dragon leaves the geisha Hatsuko and her baby in the village where he will grow up in safe obscurity.

  •  The Celestial Dragon recognizes that Fu Leng’s rule over Rokugan could extend Jigoku’s influence to Tengoku itself. He severs all ties between Ningendo and Tengoku and leaves the mortal realm unprotected by any heavenly influence. In response, the Thunder Dragon leaves Tengoku and descends to Ningen-do to stay alongside the humans.

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