Year 1130

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Year 1130

  •  The creature called Shokansuru destroys the Maw’s purified skull. Fu Leng immediately summons the Oni Lord to the mortal realm and unleashes it to terrorize the world. The Maw attacks the Crablands, seeking revenge for its previous defeat. The Obsidian Legions destroy every Crab castle and slaughter all remaining Crab samurai who have not gone into hiding. Hida O-Ushi leads the survivors out of the Crab lands. Without the presence of the Kaiu Wall, Shadowlands creatures pour into Rokugan.

  •  Fu Leng decides to keep the Rokugani free of theShadowlands Taint so they will remain weak, frightened, and powerless.

  •  Toturi leads his army through the mountains of Rokugan’s western border, taking supplies and striking out whenever he can. Despite his efforts he does only minimal damage to Fu Leng’s Empire.

  •  Fu Leng senses that the Heavens are retreatingfrom the world. He sets his monsters loose with orders to hunt down the Oracles of Light. The creatures’ first victim is Hida Osuno, Oracle of Earth. The Oracle is powerless without the presence of the Dragon of Earth and quickly dies.

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L5R :: L5R :: Rokugan :: Timeline

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