Year 1134

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Year 1134

  • Fu Leng orders his Dark Council of Five to destroy the Bloodspeaker cult. The Council eagerly complies. Isawa Tsuke, Dark Master of Fire, finds Shahai—the leader of the Bloodspeakers—hidden in former Unicorn lands. He gleefully dismembers Shahai. Her lover Daigotsu arrives shortly after the deed and crushes Tsuke with the full extent of his power. He turns his back on Fu Leng and swears to one day topple the Dark Emperor.

  • Isawa Tsuke heals from his injuries several months after the battle. He returns to Otosan Uchi and reports the traitor’s actions. Shokansuru joins the Dark Council of Five in Daigotsu’s stead.

  • Yoritomo sends an invitation to the various resistance movements still alive in mainland Rokugan:
    join him at the Islands of Spice and Silk, and forge a great alliance against Fu Leng. Several groups make their way across the sea to join the Mantis.

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