Year 1135

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Year 1135

  • The Dark Council gives the Emperor a dire warning:
    Fu Leng will stay immortal as long as the Twelfth Scroll remains sealed, but the physical body of Hantei 39th will eventually perish. He must find another Hantei body to possess to continue his reign. He orders his men to find the traitor Daigotsu, who he knows to be of Hantei blood. In the meantime he decides to sire an heir with his prisoner Hantei Kachiko.

  • Bayushi Aramoro accepts the Taint and becomes the Emperor’s newest bodyguard. He visits Hantei Kachiko and tells her the true reason behind Fu Leng’s recent actions. Kachiko decides to counter the Emperor’s desires by making sure his heir will have no Hantei blood, protecting the Empire by cuckolding Fu Leng together.

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