Year 1136

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Year 1136

  • Kachiko gives birth to a girl, Hantei Yakusoku. She is born with the Shadowlands Taint, satisfying Fu Leng’s scrutiny. Aramoro sees his new daughter but his own Taint has advanced so much that he cannot find joy in it. He disappears into the wilderness and is soon consumed by the madness of the Taint.

  • Shiba Tsukune finds a hidden cache of scrolls that describes a legendary Phoenix creation from the dawn of the Empire: Isawa’s Last Wish. She travels to the Phoenix lands to find it, hoping it can be a weapon against Fu Leng. She eventually locates the Last Wish but discovers it is incomplete. During conversation with the childlike artifact, Tsukune asks it to bring Isawa Tadaka’s soul back to the mortal realm. The Last Wish merges with Tadaka’s soul and completes itself, taking his outward form.

  • Ikoma Ujiaki orders Kitsune Ryosei, daimyo of the Fox Clan, to cut down the sacred Kitsune Mori forest to fuel the Obsidian Legions’ demands for lumber. When she refuses, he unleashes the might of the Legions against the Fox Clan. They obliterate Kyuden Kitsune, Kitsune Mori, and the Fox Clan in one swift move.

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