Year 1139

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Year 1139

  • Isawa Kaede discovers Daigotsu protecting a village from the gaze of Fu Leng. Though she is wary of his former allegiances, she brokers an uneasy alliance between the former Dark Master of the Void and Toturi’s Army.

  • One of Toturi’s surviving followers, Toku, discovers the hiding Forest Killer bandit gang, whose ranks include a young boy named Razor Wind. He informs Razor Wind that he is actually Kaneka, illegitimate son of Akodo Toturi. Toku dies to protect the boy from Obsidian Legionnaires.

  • Hida Yakamo travels to the Dragon lands to try to gain an alliance with Hitomi, using the protection of the Jade Hand to safely climb into the Shadowcorrupted mountains. Hitomi refuses the alliance outright and the sworn enemies kill each other. With Hitomi gone, Goju Adorai re-emerges and takes control of the Dragon Clan.

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